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Athlete group training is what Primal is all about. It’s our specialty and what put Primal on the map.


There are four options for athlete group training. All membership are paid on a credit or debit card as a weekly recurring membership.


Small group sessions have a maximum of 6 athletes and will always have 2-3 coaches working with those 6 athletes. Even if the session only has 4 athletes signed up, there will be 2-3 trainers assigned to that time! 

4 x Per Week Membership - $68 per week

The perfect membership option for serious athletes looking to make the biggest strength gains, college athletes home for their summer or winter vacations, or high school athletes who have a true off season from their sport. Our best value and least expensive option for the amount of times you can train. Athletes who train 4x a week with us will have two strength based upper and lower body days with two additional speed and power based upper body and lower body days.


3 x Per Week Membership - $58 per week

Athletes who hold this membership are able to come train in our small group sessions 3 times per week. Still a great value, this membership is perfect for athletes who might have practice 1-2 times a week for their sport and games or tournaments on the weekends. Athletes will get in their full lower body and upper body strength days along with a third day focusing on lower body power and speed development. 

2 x Per Week Membership - $42 per week

Athletes who take part our 2x per week membership are busier in-season athletes or athletes who play on multiple teams or multiple sports during a season. Athletes who hold a 2x per week membership are able to train in our small group athlete sessions 2x per week. Just like the other memberships listed above, these small group sessions allow a maximum of 6 athletes and will always have 2-3 trainers assigned to them.


1 x Per Week Membership - $25 per week

We now offer a 1x per week membership. If you have practice every day after school, multiple games per week for your school, and you also play for other teams in your town during the season, you might not be able to commit to training 2 times during the week. Almost every athlete, no matter how busy they think they are, can make it to the gym 2x per week. There are a certain few where circumstances only allow training once per week. Like the 2x membership and Unlimited Membership, the athlete is able to train in one small group athlete session every week. This session carries an 6 athlete limit and will also have 2-3 trainers assigned to them.


$495 per month


Sometimes you need more personal attention than you would receive in a small group setting. If this sounds like you, we offer a monthly personal training membership. With a personal training membership, you get the most specialized training that we offer at Primal. This gives you the opportunity to come in and work one-on-one with a trainer 2x per week. Each personal training session lasts one hour. You will have a customized training program written especially for you based 100% on your goals and your timeline. In addition to the 2 personal training sessions every week, you also have the ability to sign up for any of our small group training sessions as well. These extra sessions are a way to have some fun in the group and get in the “bonus work” needed to separate you from the rest of the pack and see the results you are looking for.

$75 per month


If you are looking for a gym membership and don’t need personal training, group training, or any help from any of our trainers or coaches, this might be for you. Open gym memberships are a 12 month membership commitment similar to what you see in a lot of local “big box” gym franchises with a few huge differences.


First, we hook you up with a training template and help you choose exercises, sets, and reps depending on your goals.


Second, we are available to give you a spot when you need it, give some technique advice, and make sure you are staying safe in your training.


Third, and probably most important to you, Primal is a private training facility. This means you won’t have to deal with the typical general population of Instagram famous gym bros and spandex short-short fitness girls you constantly have to dodge at the other big box franchise chains.


Open gym members are serious about their training and are only allowed to join if we feel they would be a great fit and add to our training environment.


If You Are Interested In Any Of Our Training Programs, If You Have Any Questions, Or If You Want To Stop In And Check Out Our Facility, Please Call 401-378-8585 To Schedule A Visit Or Email Our Owner


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