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Primal Athlete Training Center started back in 2010 with one idea...provide high level strength training and conditioning for local middle and high school athletes. Provide top quality equipment, proven science-based training principles, great coaching, and a fun training environment for athletes of all abilities. The sport you played didn't matter. Where you went to school didn't matter. You skill level and abilities didn't matter. All that mattered was that you wanted to get better and you were willing to put in the work.


Fast forward 11 years and Primal has made quite an impact on local Rhode Island sports. Primal has helped develop over 30 Rhode Island First Team All State athletes, over 100 college athletes, and has helped local athletes earn over $2,000,000 in college scholarships. 


As impressive as those numbers are, what we love are the countless numbers of athletes who have gained confidence from our training, found the ability to push beyond what they thought possible, and made health and strength training a part of their lives. Some of our original athletes from years past are now coaching at the high school and college level and some have even joined the medical fields. Our former athletes are also athletic trainers, physical therapists, physician's assistants, in medical school, and chiropractors! 


Our athletes are like family. There's a reason we call our members "our kids." We want to see our athletes succeed. Whether that's making a team, getting off the bench and getting more playing time, or getting looked at by college coaches. Whatever their level, whatever their goal, we are here to help your athlete achieve success!


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