Hi everyone, big news today!


I received an e-mail the other day that literally took my breath away.



I was fortunate enough to be nominated as one of the Fitness Industry’s Top Rising Stars.



To determine who the #1 Rising Star will be, there is going to be a live vote.



And I’m not going to lie… I really want to win. But I can only do that with your help.



Here’s the deal. I am nominated with a bunch of “fitness people.”



You know, trainers who work with the general population to get them to look better on the beach, lose 10 pounds, and feel better.



And there’s nothing wrong with that. I have a ton of respect for trainers like them.



But there aren’t a lot of coaches on the list.



From the sounds of things, I am the only coach!



And if you are like me, you have a place in your heart for a coach who stuck with you through the tough times.



A place for the coach who believed in you even when you may not have believed in yourself.



A place for the coach who never gave up.



And YOU want to see a coach win this thing.



I’m not gonna lie, I really hate to lose. I am sure you do too.



That’s why you watch my videos and read my blog, right?



To make this a lot of fun for everyone involved, I found out that you can vote multiple times.



That way if you wanted to vote more than once, you can do that. I HOPE YOU DO!



The vote is going to be held next Tuesday, September 13th.


You will get to see who I’m up against.



Then on Wednesday September 14th, the Top 5 winners will be revealed.



So here are the basic details again:



Tuesday September 13th – Vote takes place and is open until 9pm eastern


- general standings will be updated a few times throughout the day via email.



* Once I receive the voting link I will send it to you.



Wednesday September 14th – The top 5 winners will be announced for everyone to see.



Send this email to your contact list. Send this email to your teammates. Send this email to your coaches.



Track and field never seems to get any acknowledgement. Track and field, especially throwers, are always getting the shaft.



It’s time a thrower stepped out from behind all the spectator sports and got recognized.



Once I get the link and the details, I will send it out to you.



There is a video commercial for the thing too.



I am excited. I hope you take the few seconds to vote for me.



Thanks again everyone. I really appreciate it.


-Coach Matt Ellis

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