Hey everyone,



Man things are getting crazy here. Lots of great things happening with my athletes at Primal and everyone is psyched up for the winter season to start.



One of my athletes yesterday bench pressed 10 pounds less than her max (170 pounds) for 5 reps. That’s insane. That’s an incredible increase in just a few months.



Incredible in any other gym. Funny thing is, every other athlete at Primal is seeing the same results.



This time of year I get a lot of questions from athletes like you who are noticing the winter season is right around the corner and need to get back in shape. Getting in shape for an athlete is a lot different than getting in shape for a regular person looking to drop a few pounds.



The biggest question is also the most vague. “How do I get in shape and what should my workouts look like?”



Here is a good video explaining the type of training you should be doing and the tempo of any strength circuits you attack in the gym.






If you need help, you need to click here <————-



You still have time to get ready for the winter season. If you live in RI, you need to get to Primal Athlete Training Center and start getting in shape for the season. It’s not too late.



If you live outside of RI and want the same training and results as the athletes who train at Primal, make sure you click here.





Coach Matt Ellis




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