Welcome everyone to the new PrimalATC.com. As you can already tell, this is an interactive website where we will be answering questions on track and field throwing and training technique. My goal is for PrimalATC to become an online community, a hub where throwers and coaches can come to learn more about the sport and increase their throws on a day to day basis. Great coaching is hard to find. Seminars, camps, and clinics cost hundreds of dollars. This site is free, and it will always be free to our visitors.

PrimalATC is not like the other track and field websites where updates only happen once a week or once a month. My goal is to have 5 to 6 updates per week. Not only will the site be constantly updated with training and technique information and videos, but it will be easy to find and categorized so you can use this page as reference when you hit a snag in your training.

Because this site is interactive, we need your help. Here is what you can do to make PrimalATC the best, most informative track and field throwing website on the planet:

1. Let your friends know. Forward this website to your friends and teammates. They may need the help too.
2. Join our 100% free newsletter. You will get site updates and throwing tips sent directly to your inbox.
3. Like us on Facebook. Search Primal Athlete Training Center on Facebook and click Like. It’s that simple.
4. Start leaving comments and asking questions. Interesting comments and questions that help continue the conversation will be answered quickly.

That’s it! Those four steps are all it takes for you to help your fellow throwers and make PrimalATC.com a resource where coaches and throwers like you can visit to learn about the sport they love.

2 Responses to Welcome to the All New PrimalATC

  • Dennis Peterson says:

    50 and learning to throw shot put for shoe me games this coming summer. I actively use Kettlebells for strength training and jog 5ks.

  • GP McDonald says:

    Concerning rotation throw beginners I recalled a step and power throw for them until they get used to full rotation/drive throw for both shot and discus. From 20 yrs ago, according to Coach Tommy Badon SW Louisiana U Lafayette Louisiana, from the usual in the back start position, step back with the power foot with an inward foot deviation to land in the power position and then execute the power throw. That affects momentum to the center of the circle much like the shot glide but a modified hip sit, allowing a 1/2 rotation throw.

    Your comments appreciated.

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