Hey everybody,


Well, it finally happened. After years of having people ask me if I throw with the “Powell” technique or the “Wilkins” style, I lost it.


The other day someone commented on a YouTube video that I should just “Admit” my technique is the same as John Powell.


Pretty much accusing me of stealing my technique from John Powell.


Funny thing is, the only person who throws like John Powell is John Powell.


Watch the video below to learn more. This has already gotten a lot of views and a lot of comments. Please let me know what you think.




A comment on YouTube made the best argument. Look at Christian Cantwell. Guy is one of the best shot putters in the world. Look at his form.


Straight legs in the back. Stands pretty upright in the power position. According to all the “experts” he shouldn’t be throwing as far as he is because he doesn’t resemble Oldfield or Barnes.


But Christian and his coach understand that he is hitting all the right spots, he is separating his body correctly, uses the right leverage, and launches the ball.


Tell him he is doing it wrong.


I didn’t think you would.


See you Monday,

Coach Matt Ellis

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