Happy Happy Tuesday Everyone,



That’s right, you get 2 happys today. It is getting closer to the winter sports season and I am fired up and excited.



One of my athletes went out and threw and had her mom measure the throws. In 2 and a half months she has increased 4 feet 6 inches on her shot and over 11 feet on her discus. Right now I have what might be the top 4 girls throwers in the state training with me.



I am excited. They are excited. They are getting stronger every day and their confidence levels are rising. Shoot, their confidence levels are almost boiling over!!



But that’s 4 really strong high school girls who have been training with me for a while? What about the beginners?



You know, the 12 – 14 year old athletes with no strength training background. What do they do?



Back in the day, phys ed classes were full of push ups, sprints, suicide runs (remember those?) and all types of athletic movements.



Nowadays, not so much. When younger athletes start training with me I start them off with a regimen of bodyweight training.



Not just your average run of the mill bodyweight training either. Check out the video to learn more:






So there you have it. If you have younger athletes interested in getting stronger, in better general physical shape, and ready for next season, bodyweight training is the way to go.



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If you are not ready for the winter season and need to get your butt in gear and start some serious training,

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6 weeks until the winter season. You ready?



Coach Matt Ellis