What’s up everybody, Happy Thursday!



I can’t believe how fast the days are flying by. Only about 5 weeks now until winter sports practices start up.



Even though the next few months are going to focus on shot put and indoor weight, that doesn’t mean I won’t answer some great javelin questions.



This week I received 2 good javelin questions about the actual implement itself. Not the training or throwing, the actual metal javelin.



I love equipment questions (I sold track equipment for over 7 years) and welcome them to the blog.



So here are two javelin videos. Selecting the proper javelin for an intermediate thrower and getting rust off a steel javelin. Check them out:










Two for the price of 1 which, I guess, is still $0.00



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Let’s turn into a site where throwers can come to get the most up to date information possible. Let’s HELP other throwers all around the world become better.





Coach Matt Ellis







Hi everyone,



Today I think I should set some things straight when it comes to working out vs. training.



Even though this is pretty well known, there needs to be some clarification.



If you were a guy who needed to lose a few pounds or look better on the beach, going to the gym and “working out” would be enough. No real plan of action, no real set schedule. Go to the gym, lift some weights, walk on a treadmill, burn a bunch of calories, lose weight.



It’s not hard to do. You just need to commit to going a few times a week, watch what you eat, and sweat a little bit. Do that long enough and you will lose weight.



That’s what 99% of the world does when they go to the gym.



If you are a competitive athlete, you need to TRAIN, not “work out.”



When you train you have a specific goal in mind. You have something you are working towards.



When you train, you follow a program. You get a professional to write out a few months of training for you to follow that ensures you are on the right path to getting stronger, more explosive, faster, and more powerful.



That could be a strength coach at your college, a knowledgeable coach at your high school, or a local trainer with a ton of experience working with athletes.



Problem is, what do you do if none of those people are available to you?



Check out the video to learn more:






So there you have it. The athlete who sent in that question needs to get stronger, more explosive, and faster. He needs to do so without putting on a lot of weight. He needs to stay flexible and mobile.



Think you could write him a program to do all that in the next 3 months?



Many people could get him faster. Many people could get him stronger but he might gain a lot of weight back. Many people could do it in 6 months or a year.



You see, proper programming is tough to do. It really takes someone with a lot of experience and knowledge to get an athlete from a specific sport to reach beyond their goals.



That’s why I created the new eBook, The ULTIMATE Off Season Training Program for Throwers.



13 weeks or proven, guaranteed to work training specifically designed for throwers and power athletes. Guaranteed to get you stronger, more explosive, more powerful, and faster without gaining a lot of weight and increasing your flexibility.



Impossible? Nope. I’ve been using this training program for over 2 years with my athletes. Everyone (over 50 athletes) have used this training program and every one has gotten stronger without putting on a ton of bulk or sacrificing their flexibility.



Check it out for yourself. CLICK HERE <————————



If you have any questions about the book before you buy it or if you want the first week for FREE, email me.





Coach Matt Ellis










Happy Happy Tuesday Everyone,



That’s right, you get 2 happys today. It is getting closer to the winter sports season and I am fired up and excited.



One of my athletes went out and threw and had her mom measure the throws. In 2 and a half months she has increased 4 feet 6 inches on her shot and over 11 feet on her discus. Right now I have what might be the top 4 girls throwers in the state training with me.



I am excited. They are excited. They are getting stronger every day and their confidence levels are rising. Shoot, their confidence levels are almost boiling over!!



But that’s 4 really strong high school girls who have been training with me for a while? What about the beginners?



You know, the 12 – 14 year old athletes with no strength training background. What do they do?



Back in the day, phys ed classes were full of push ups, sprints, suicide runs (remember those?) and all types of athletic movements.



Nowadays, not so much. When younger athletes start training with me I start them off with a regimen of bodyweight training.



Not just your average run of the mill bodyweight training either. Check out the video to learn more:






So there you have it. If you have younger athletes interested in getting stronger, in better general physical shape, and ready for next season, bodyweight training is the way to go.



Make sure you hit me up with questions at



If you are not ready for the winter season and need to get your butt in gear and start some serious training,

CLICK HERE <—————————-



6 weeks until the winter season. You ready?



Coach Matt Ellis







Hey everybody,



Well, it’s time to stir the pot a little bit here. For many years, Olympic lifting has been used by throws coaches all around the world to build explosive strength and power. And for good reason. It works.



But when you are working with younger athletes and only have a short window of opportunity to teach them how to lift properly you might not have the time.



Teaching how to do the Olympic lifts CORRECTLY takes time. Time you might not have during a very busy and short track season.



You can train power and explosion with basic barbell lifts too. Check out the video below to learn more.






When you have a properly mapped out training program, you will start your main strength lifts with lighter weights. Moving these lighter weights as fast as you possibly can while under control will build up your strength and power.



It will also increase your hand speed and reaction time. All things you need to throw farther.



If you need a great training program to get you in better shape for the fast approaching track season, click here <————-



If you want to continue following the same old training program with little results, get ready to have a difficult season this year.



Hope to hear from you soon.


Coach Matt Ellis






Hey everyone,



Man things are getting crazy here. Lots of great things happening with my athletes at Primal and everyone is psyched up for the winter season to start.



One of my athletes yesterday bench pressed 10 pounds less than her max (170 pounds) for 5 reps. That’s insane. That’s an incredible increase in just a few months.



Incredible in any other gym. Funny thing is, every other athlete at Primal is seeing the same results.



This time of year I get a lot of questions from athletes like you who are noticing the winter season is right around the corner and need to get back in shape. Getting in shape for an athlete is a lot different than getting in shape for a regular person looking to drop a few pounds.



The biggest question is also the most vague. “How do I get in shape and what should my workouts look like?”



Here is a good video explaining the type of training you should be doing and the tempo of any strength circuits you attack in the gym.






If you need help, you need to click here <————-



You still have time to get ready for the winter season. If you live in RI, you need to get to Primal Athlete Training Center and start getting in shape for the season. It’s not too late.



If you live outside of RI and want the same training and results as the athletes who train at Primal, make sure you click here.





Coach Matt Ellis






What’s up everyone,



Sorry for the lack of blog updates lately. Things here at Primal are growing fast and I have been putting a lot of focus into getting the newer athletes caught up and ready for their winter season.



You should be doing the same. If you need help, that’s what I am here for. Please make sure you ask your questions and I will get them answered here on the blog or in the weekly newsletter. Make sure you sign up for the newsletter if you haven’t done so already.



One question I get a lot has to do with what I call the “magic bullet for throwers.” People will e-mail me asking for that one thing to make them a better thrower. What’s that one thing they can do to become a better thrower. What’s one thing they should improve upon in the weight room to become a better thrower.



The answer? There is no one thing. The best thing you can do to improve your technique is to improve everything little by little. Here’s why:



If you take form and technique completely out of the equation, there are certain “ingredients” that make up a great thrower. Certain things like height and arm length, etc can’t be improved. The things that can be changed are strength, power, explosion, vertical leap, conditioning, agility, balance, coordination, footwork, speed (running speed), flexibility, size (weight), and quickness (reaction time).



If you put the majority of your efforts into increasing just one of those things, the others will take a hit and your throw won’t see much improvement. At the same time, if you continue to improve on what you are already really good at, your throw won’t see much improvement.



For example, if you spend three months trying to increase your squat and forget to train your speed, footwork, and balance, your throw won’t see that big of an improvement. Also, if you have really great strength and put all of your focus into further improving your strength, other aspects of your athletic ability will falter because you aren’t actively training them.



This is the best answer I can give. If you ranked all of the “ingredients” I listed above on a scale of 1 – 10 and gave yourself a grade for each, you will have some that are close to 10 and some that are close to 1.



If you want to be a great thrower, you need to get the ingredients that are close to a #1 and try bringing them up. If your vertical leap stinks but you have a 400 pound bench press, focus more energy into box jumps instead of the bench. Adding a few inches to your vertical leap will help your throw a lot more than adding 5 pounds to your bench press.



Hope this makes sense. Improve what you are not good at. It’s really that simple.



If you are in need of improving your strength, explosion, your conditioning, or your grip and need a great program to help you do it, click here



Thanks and keep emailing me those questions.


Coach Matt Ellis








Is it really Wednesday already?



Wow. This week is flying bye. You know what they say, time flies when you are having fun.



Time also flies when you are coaching 25 athletes at night, caring for an 18 month old during the day, publishing a new e-Book, and creating videos and blog posts.



But I love it. And that’s why I do it.



I am also keeping the Starbucks up the street in business!



Sometimes when you are feeling tired or run down, you gotta stand up, get fired up, and attack the day.



Throwing taught me about breaking through barriers.



Unfortunately, I didn’t have a whole lot of help when it came to strength training and conditioning when I was in high school and college.



That’s why I am so passionate about helping other athletes reach their goals and why I am so passionate about strength training.



Following along with yesterday’s post, today I am covering another exercise that appears in the new e-Book, The ULTIMATE Off Season Strength Training Guide for Throwers.



Today is all about the Recline Row. Ever heard of it? I used to call it a “Fat Guy Pull Up” when I was in college. These are great when bodyweight movements like pull ups give you some trouble. Check out the video to learn more.






There it is, the Recline Row. These appear in the new e-Book a few times and are a killer on your back, biceps, forearms, grip, and core. Give them a try today and see what I mean.



Just a few more days until the book goes live on this site. Make sure you sign up for the free newsletter on the right. Enter in your e-mail address in the box. Once the book goes live, you will be the first to find out and get your paws all over it. Simply download it to your computer, laptop, tablet, phone, whatever you have. You can print it out too, if actual paper books are your thing.



Hope to hear from you real soon.





Coach Matt Ellis







Hi everyone,



If you received the newsletter on Sunday, you read that the emphasis of this blog will be switching from throwing form and technique to training ideas and technique.



It’s the preseason. Not a lot of throwing technique questions are coming in. This is crunch time. Now is the time when you should be in the weight room working on your strength and conditioning getting as strong and explosive for the upcoming indoor season.



I am releasing a new e-Book sometime this week. The book is called “The ULTIMATE Off Season Training Program for Throwers.” This book is a full 13 week training and conditioning program 100% mapped out for you to follow along and get you in crazy shape for track season.



In this book, all you need are the basics: Squat Rack, Bar, Plates, Dumbbells, Bench, and a Pull Up Bar.



One of the exercises you will be doing is a Goblet Squat. This is a great exercise for throwers. It loads the squat in the front of the body and gets you to sit back farther. This opens up the hips, stretches the hamstrings more, and makes you keep your core very tight. Check out the video below to learn more.






So there you have it. You should try implementing these into your current training plan. You will feel the benefits of sitting back farther and your low back and legs will thank you for it.



The book drops in a few days. I put my all into writing this and I hope you take advantage of it. As soon as it goes live on the site, I will be announcing it to my newsletter list so make sure you enter in your e-mail address on the right to sign up.





Coach Matt










Hi Everyone,



Sorry for the late blog post today. I am in NJ at an awesome coaching and business seminar. I always invest in my education so I can bring the most up to date and best content to all of you.



I love you guys and appreciate so much that you come here to read this blog and watch my videos.



Make sure you sign up to the newsletter over to the right————————->



This seminar has given me so many new ideas that I will be releasing on Sunday when I send out my weekly newsletter.



Make sure you sign up. I hate spam and don’t send things every day. The people who have already signed up know that what I share is 100% free information that is beneficial for your training and coaching.



On to today’s blog post and video. Today is all about staying low in the middle of the glide shot put and keeping your throwing trajectory at the correct angle.



In beginners, there is a lot of emphasis on using the entire circle and getting your body moving backwards super fast and low.



This sometimes causes a “hump” in the middle of the throw and knocks the smoothness and trajectory out of whack. Watch the video below to learn more.






So there you have it. You need to start a little higher until you get the idea about sucking that leg under you and keeping the back low. Once you get the idea, you can start to lower your body position every so often until you are able to produce the most power to that throw.



Sunday I will be sending out that weekly newsletter to everyone on the mailing list. If you aren’t on that list, you will seriously be missing out on some huge announcement.



Talk to you on Sunday.





Coach Matt Ellis





Hi everyone,



Thank you to everyone who voted for me last night as one of the Fitness Industry’s Top Rising Stars.



I didn’t win, but I did get 17th out of about 60 top names in the fitness industry. Many of these names have been at it a lot longer than me and work at facilities with thousands of members. Cracking the top 20 is a huge honor.



I appreciate your help with this and promise to continue providing all of you with the best track and field throwing and training material possible.



Today’s video is all about speed. Speed is 100% necessary to have longer throws. The faster you can move in the circle or on the javelin runway, the further you can throw, right?



Not necessarily. Check out the video below to learn why too much speed can sometimes be a bad thing.






Speed can sometimes hurt your throw, especially if you are not ready for it. If you are just learning the proper form and technique, adding a lot of speed will throw off your timing, balance, and coordination. Your form will be bad and your throws will suffer.



Make sure to add in speed gradually and don’t get crazy.



Acceleration is the key. The idea is to reach your top speed at the very end of the throw. Start moving at a medium pace, accelerate in the middle of the throw, and finish off the release as fast as you can. Your form won’t be sacrificed and you will have longer, more consistent throws.



In the next 48 hours I will be releasing my new book, “The ULTIMATE Off Season Training Program for Throwers.” I didn’t hold back when I was writing this so I could give you the best information possible on how to get stronger, more powerful, and more explosive for the start of track season.



Indoor track starts up in about 3 months. This is the perfect opportunity to focus your training and get prepared. If you don’t have a plan to get yourself to the top strength and power by track season you need to get a copy of this as soon as it comes out.



How do you find out when it is available? Enter your e-mail address above and you will be put on a list to receive word as soon as the book is available for download.



Hope to hear from you soon.



Coach Matt Ellis