6 Week Speed and Strength Academy


“Not only did he get stronger and shed some weight,

he became more confident!”


“Taking a boy who didn’t want to give up his Xbox controller without moaning and groaning,

to one who is ready and waiting to go before every workout!”


“Last season he was always last doing sprints and got so discouraged doing pushups.

I don’t think he could do one correctly. Now since the season started he is right up

there in the middle of all the other boys and he can do pushups

as well as the smaller boys on the team!”



Stop Making It Hard For Coach To Put You In The Game!


Make It Hard For Coach To Take You Out Of The Game!



For the past 8 years, the trainers at Primal and I have had many

wonderful opportunities to work with younger athletes before their

season to get them ready to play. We’ve worked with older elementary school

athletes from all over the state. When I speak to the parents of these athletes,

the same stories keep popping up. Their athletes always have the same

frustrations during the season:


Minimal Playing Time


Always at the back of the pack


Not athletic enough for the position they want


Undersized for their position


Tired or winded after a few plays


Not competitive enough at practice


Frustrated because they can’t keep up


Afraid of letting down the rest of the team


Does this sound like your son or daughter?

If it does, let us help!


These are just some of the most common reasons why parents have

brought their athletes to train at Primal before their season began.


We’ve been able to use our knowledge and experience to create a

proven system to get your athletes in shape before their season begins.


Like the old saying goes, “You don’t play the sport to get in shape.

You get in shape to play the sport.”


Check out some great testimonials from parents

who have trusted Primal to train their athletes:


“Transformation noticed by us and his football coaches”


My son started going to Primal at 11 years old after seeing an advertisement

for an age-based program. He had said to me a few weeks earlier,

“Dad, I want to get better for next season.” This was after a few months

earlier he had told me he wanted to take a break from football.


Over the next few months I watched my son transform. Not only did he

become stronger and shed some weight, he became more confident.

This transformation was noticed not just by us, but also by his football

and lacrosse coaches. Without a doubt Coach Matt and his staff were,

and continue to be, a huge influence on him.


After seeing the results of Primal’s programs firsthand, I was very vocal

in recommending them to both my son’s teammates as well as the football

players I coached. I again witnessed Primal’s effect on my players as they

grew stronger, more mature, and more confident as athletes and also young men.

Without a doubt these athletes will be more prepared as they enter high school

sports next year because of the work ethic and fundamentals they learned at Primal ATC.


-Coach John Rocchio, CLCF Football


“Asked to go to the gym instead of going to his friend’s house”


Just a quick note to let you know my son ran 1.35 miles today without stopping.

It’s so awesome. He asked to go workout today instead of going to a friend’s house.

I’m so excited for him. I can definitely see a difference in him on the soccer field

from the training. I’ve received so many compliments and texts about how

awesome he looks after the last game which is really crazy. It is really amazing

the difference. What you are doing there is awesome. I feel like it is a safe

environment and that it has helped them both physically and mentally.


All of your staff is awesome and I can tell they truly care about him.

You don’t find that in many places. Yesterday he played for the entire

first half and almost all of the second half. He would have never been

able to do that before he started training with you.


“I can’t believe the difference in how he looks this season!”


Just a quick note to tell you how incredibly happy I am with how

my son looks this season. The only thing different we did this season

compared to last season was start training at Primal. I can’t believe

the difference in how he looks this season. He’s running faster.

He’s stronger. He’s much quicker off the line and he seems to be hitting

a lot harder too. His coach pulled me and his dad aside last night to tell

us how much he improved since last year. When we told him he did his

training with you at Primal he wasn’t surprised at all. I guess he sent his

son to you a few years ago when he was getting ready for high school!

Small world. Expect to see us once the season is over to start getting

ready for next season!



 Here is a Short List of Reactions We Get

From Our Parents Every Season…


Increased Strength and Speed


Increased Flexibility – Decreased Injuries


Improved Confidence On and Off the Field


Easier to Make Weight


More Endurance to Play the Whole Game


Faster Changing Directions


Second String Becoming Starters


Better Clarity and Awareness on the Field


More Gas in the Tank for the End of the Game


We’ve been trusted to work with athletes from organizations all across Rhode Island.

CLCF, Johnston Basketball, Ravens Softball, CYGBA, West Warwick, Coventry Rams,

Ocean State Panthers, Cranston Lacrosse, Bombers Softball, Scituate Basketball,

St. Mary School, and Warwick Patriots just to name a few.


All levels and abilities are welcome. Stats and playing time don’t matter!
This is about getting your athletes stronger, faster, more explosive,
and in better shape for the start of the season.
Whatever level they might be at right now, we can help.


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