Happy Wednesday Everybody,


Coming at you today with some shot put coaching and technique work.


I can still think back to my high school coach and something he always said to the new throwers. “Elbow up.” This was the verbal cue to keep the elbow of the arm holding the shot up high and away from the body.


The reason why the elbow needs to be high is because it keeps the shot on the proper path as you extend your arm, flick the wrist to the side, and push that ball as hard as you possibly can.


Many athletes are taught this on day one and it becomes a good habit. Many athletes are never taught this and it can lead to major form issues and possible injury.


Check out the video below. I received a question on SI joint pain and the relation to that and keeping the elbow up with a good release. An awesome question and the answer is below.




As you can see, keeping the elbow high when you release the shot is imperative. It needs to happen.


Many international competitors who glide keep the elbow low near the hip when they start the glide. If you look closely, the elbow is up at the release so they can get the optimal push on that shot and a huge release.


Make sure you are doing this when you go out to practice later today.


Also, keep telling your friends, teammates, and coaches about www.PrimalATC.com. School is only a few weeks away and track will be starting before you know it. Keep checking back in to PrimalATC.com every day to learn more about the throws and improve yourself on a daily basis.


See you back here tomorrow.

-Coach Matt Ellis

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  • Anthony says:

    I’m 13 going on 14 years old. I started last year in track and feild. I am running 100 meters and throwing the shot put. I want to train the best way I can and like watching your tips. I also just started facebook today and would like you to be on my friend list. I have tried to find your Primal Athlete Training page… but not finding it to LIKE – could you help me? I live in Japan. My mom is American and my dad is Japanese, I am doing my best in English – speaking is ok, writing is hard (my mom is typing for me right now). Thanks

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