Happy Wednesday everyone,


Today we continue our discussion about the javelin throw. Today’s video is a little out of order but it is something that should be covered before we move any further.


From here on out, the drills and techniques I demonstrate will involve the javelin being drawn all the way back. Even though we aren’t at that point in the full approach, we still have to cover it.


So here’s the question. Do you actively pull the javelin back with the throwing arm? Check out the video below to learn more.




So hopefully you see the difference between pulling the javelin back and walking in front of it.


You never want to put an opposite force on that javelin. If the javelin is moving forward as you do the approach, you don’t want to simple throw it backward. Practice this and notice the slight difference. Once you master it your throws will be smoother and you will see improvement.


Make sure to keep checking back in daily to learn more. Ask questions, join us on Facebook, and improve your throws on a daily basis.


-Coach Matt Ellis

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