Hey Everybody,


Happy Monday! I absolutely love Mondays, and no, I’m not one of those super positive, shiny, happy, morning people either.


Mondays mean it’s time to get back to work. Time to improve your throws, your lifts, and your conditioning.


For people who get the free newsletter every Sunday night, today should bring some excitement. Last night I announced something huge to the people who receive this newsletter. An exclusive offer.


In one week I will announce that offer to the rest of you. So stay tuned. This is pretty big and is generating a ton of buzz. I have already received a bunch of e-mails this morning from people interested in participating and I just send the newsletter out 10 hours ago.


If you haven’t signed up for the newsletter, do it now. The newsletter puts you first in line to receive any special offers weeks before I announce it on this blog, Facebook, or YouTube.


Today’s blog is all about progression.


I have said it before and I will say it again. If you go into the gym every day and lift as heavy a weight as possible every time, you are only testing your strength, not building it. To build your strength, you need to progress from a lower weight to a higher weight.


My top shot putter has increased his max deadlift over 100 pounds in 4 months.


500 pounds to 600 pounds. The best part about this? He never lifted a weight in training more than 80% of his max.

Even better than that, he can now lift 425 pounds as fast as he could lift 350 pounds 4 months ago.

Not only is he getting stronger, he is also getting faster and more explosive with lighter weight.

That translates into more powerful, more explosive, longer throws.


Don’t believe me? Check out the videos below to see it for yourself.








There you have it. The best part of this whole thing? The training he has done is the same training I have been giving away for free on the weekly newsletter for the past 11 weeks.


If you were an action taker you signed up for the newsletter and have been improving your strength week after week. Maybe you put 100 pounds on your squat or your deadlift.


If you waited or doubted, you missed out. Sorry. Sign up today. You are just going to have to wait for the next special announcement in a few days.


See you soon!


Coach Matt Ellis



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