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Are you ready for the first javelin training video of the week? Well, here it is.


Crossovers are pretty basic. They can be taught in just a few days of practice. So why the video?


The toughest part of crossover training is also the toughest part of throwing the javelin, in my humble opinion. Running and acceleration.


Acceleration can make or break your throw. I always equate the approach runs of the javelin, pole vault, long jump, and triple jump to a plane taking off the ground.


Start slow, gradually accelerate, hit the top speed as you are about to take off.

If your speed is too fast to start, there is nowhere to go but slower.

If your speed varies throughout the throw, you will waste extra energy you could use at the end when you release the javelin.


Check the video below to learn more:




Unfortunately, the only way to practice the crossover is to get on the track and sprint. I am the first guy to tell you that running for a long period of time is counter productive to the throws. So make sure to keep the sprints shorter and work on your acceleration.


Tomorrow you should check back in to see more on the approach run. This can make or break your throw. I will be wrapping up the javelin technique videos on Thursday so make sure you keep tuning in.


As always, please let your friends, teammates, and coaches know about www.PrimalATC.com. My goal is to have Primal be the online hub where throwers and their coaches can come to ask questions, get fast answers, and iimprove their throws on a daily basis.



Coach Matt Ellis




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