Happy Wednesday all you dedicated throwers and committed coaches.



Today’s post is a very meaningful one for me. It’s about a problem I had FOREVER when I was in college. I would always over rotate in the discus and my power foot would land way over into the left half of the circle.



After I got out of college and started training and coaching throwers, I realized it is a much bigger problem than I originally thought.



It all stems from the ability to shift weight and change direction.



You see, the discus is not a spin. It is a turn and drive. Your feet trace the outline of a messed up looking question mark or a funky ice cream cone.



It’s a little hard for me to explain it to you in type, so check out the video below to see the error and a great way to correct the problem.




As you can see, this is a big problem. I guarantee more than half of the throwers reading this post have had this problem at one time. Maybe you are having this same problem right now?



I have a favor to ask all of you. School is starting back up all around the country. Football games are starting soon and before you know it, winter sports will be starting up.



Hey, that’s only 3 months away.



Throwers all over the country are wondering what they should be doing before the season to get prepared. Many athletes just like you will be led down the wrong path and will do all the wrong things to get prepared.



Don’t let that happen. Forward this information to throwers and coaches you know and make sure to “like” Primal Athlete Training Center on Facebook. Click the “like” button on the right.





Coach Matt Ellis

2 Responses to Over Rotating in the Discus and Shot

  • David Smith says:

    Matt: I liked your video on over rotation. I am 63 yo male and still participate in State and National Senior Games in shot put and discus. I have developed some arthritis in my throwing shoulder that limits range of motion and dumbell training in an overhead motion. What exercises and stretching can I do to maximize my workouts for both events?

  • Bill Hall says:

    My top varsity girl watched this video and it made sense to her. She wanted to go and throw in the snow!!!! She is once again excited to throw and not have the overwhelming sense of “what to do”, plus as her coach I can only tell her so much! Thanks

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