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You know, I have been doing videos on YouTube for a while now and have been getting some really great questions from all of you. I love answering your questions so please keep sending in your questions to me and if they are good ones they will be answered in a future video.


There is one exception. Drills for drills. Here’s what I mean. Say you are having trouble getting your foot underneath you in the glide shot put. You email me directly and ask for a drill to help you out. I answer with a video and give you a drill explaining what to do.


Don’t ask me for a drill explaining how to do that drill.


The drills I am giving to you are the most basic breakdown of the technique you should work on. If you try a drill and it doesn’t work for you the first time you do it, that means you have to keep working on it. Breaking down drills into smaller drills is redundant and is a great way to keep you from reaching your goals.


So go out there, do your drills, throw as far as you can, and crush it. It’s championship season people. Get aggressive, turn the intensity gauge all the way up to the top, and go get your first place medals.

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