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The blog ppost today is all about the two Nike throwing shoes; the Nike Zoom Rotational and the Nike Zoom SD.


These two shoes are probably the two most popular throwing shoes used by high school and collegiate athletes. Many beginner athletes don’t know what shoe to start with. Hopefully the video below and the description below the video will help you out.




So here are the differences listed out:

Nike Zoom SD – Entry level shoe, textured bottom, rounded edges of the shoe for discus, flat heel, flat arch, and flat ball of the foot to help keep balance in the glide technique. Great for beginner gliders, beginner discus throwers, and beginner rotational shot putters.


Nike Zoom Rotational – Advanced level shoe, smooth bottom, completely rounded bottom, somewhat flat near the ball of the foot but round everywhere else. Great for advanced rotational shot putters, advanced discus throwers, and all hammer throwers.


Hopefully this helps you decide what shoe is the best for you.


Just like BeastSlapped did, make sure you ask your throwing questions here on the site or on the Facebook page.


Remember what you teachers used to tell you. There is no such thing as a dumb or bad question. Ask away and your question will be answered in a future blog post and video.


Make sure you keep spreading the word about www.PrimalATC.com to all of your friends, teammates, and to your coaches. Let’s make www.PrimalATC.com the online hub where throwers can come to ask questions and get answers on a daily basis.



Coach Matt Ellis

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  • Keri Kent says:

    Hello! I was wondering if you could clear up a couple of questions I have. My son just started throwing discus last year in 7th grade. By his 6th track meet he had broken the 7th grade school record with a throw of 124.11′ 3/4″…..which actually even broke the 8th grade school record by 11 feet. He managed to learn the spin really quickly. He only wore his old ratty tennis shoes so this year he wanted me to get him some throwing shoes. Since he does do a full rotation with the discus which shoes should I get him? He’s past gliding but has only been spinning a year. Like I said, he’s only in 8th grade so I’m not going too crazy over this but I would like to know which to purchase. Thanks!

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