Memberships are Available to Athletes Like You
who are Serious About Improving

You want to stand apart from the crowd.

You want to hold your head high and be recognized by your peers.

You want college programs calling you offering scholarships.

This is where you should be training.

This is how you sign up.

Your training is either a 3 or 6 month membership commitment.

You are an athlete and you have been playing sports and

making steady improvements for most of your life.

You have been working hard and practicing your sport for many years.

You know athletic success does not happen overnight.

Paying per session or paying week to week is not an option.

Three month membership blocks work best because

your athletic season is about 3 months.

This allows us to train you to get stronger, recover faster,

and peak at the right time during your season.

If price is your main concern then we are NOT the right program for you.

You can go to a $10 a month gym and your results will reflect your price.

We offer family rates and give great discounts

for introducing new members to Primal.

Athletic Training Membership Options

IN-SEASON TRAINING (Training 2 times per week)
3 Month Membership: $160 / Month
6 Month Membership: $145 / Month
OFF-SEASON TRAINING (Training 3 times per week)
3 Month Membership: $225 / Month
6 Month Membership: $200 / Month
COACHING FOR THROWERS (Training 1 time per week)
$25 / Week
Our hours of operation are 2:30pm until 7:30pm in one hour sessions
The days of operation at are Monday – Friday.
Coaching for Throwers is held on Sundays from 11:00 – 3:00.
Coaching is done in small groups with other dedicated throwers.

Every time you step into Primal to train, you will be with a coach.

You will train in small teams consisting of 3-6 other members.

This style of training in small groups ensures personal attention

and heightens the level of competition between members.

Goal-Oriented, Like-Minded athletes working together as a team

motivate each other to become better.