Happy Tuesday Everybody. Hope you are having a great one so far.



I made a pretty big mistake with regards to the newsletter. For the past 11 weeks, I have been sending out a free 3 day a week workout plan. Every week the primary strength movement was a percentage of your max lift.



For example, 9 reps with 40% of your max plus 10 pounds.



Now, this week I received a few questions from newsletter recipients asking about the math and how to do it properly. I completely forgot to teach everyone how to do the math properly.



The last time I took a math class was my senior year of high school (14 years ago). I realize a lot of people receiving this newsletter aren’t math wizards either. So I created a video to help you all figure out the math.




There it is. As you can see, if you do the math wrong, you are going to have a really hard time making your lifts and getting stronger.



So do the math right.



Only a few more days until I release the huge announcement to this blog, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. But, the newsletter recipients already know what it is and they aren’t telling anyone.



The newsletter recipients will get the first crack at the special offer before anyone else receives the instructions.


This is going to be huge, so don’t miss out. Don’t be the guy wondering “What if…?”


Take action. Become the best. You are going to want to jump on this offer.



Coach Matt Ellis


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