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Believe it or not I am wrapping up the javelin training video series on Thursday. Today is the second to last video and covers the beginning of the approach run.


Now, running is pretty basic. You have been running your entire life and I am sure you have played other sports that involved running too. What’s the big deal about running with a javelin in your hand?


There are a few things to watch out for. I see too many javelin throwers making these mistakes and creating a really bad approach run. Watch the video below to learn more.




Unfortunately, training the approach run, like training the crossovers, means you have to get on the track and run. Sorry.


No thrower really enjoys running, but it is essential for a javelin thrower. Keep the running to shorter distances and don’t overdo it. Mark out a distance similar to a javelin runway and get to work.


Train your acceleration, rhythm, and tempo during these runs. It will all be worth it when the javelin is soaring further than ever before.


Check in tomorrow for the final installment of the javelin training video series. I will be putting it all together, blending the approach run to the crossovers and adding the drawback of the javelin to the mix. Make sure you stay tuned.


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Coach Matt Ellis

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