Hi all,


For the past few days I have been teasing you all about a big announcement. Here it is.


I am writing a book. This book is almost finished and will be a fully detailed off season training manual with 13 weeks of lifting protocols and 13 weeks of off-season throwing instructions.


Basically, you no longer have to think or figure things out on your own. I am doing it for you. Doesn’t seem like that big an announcement for all the hype I have been giving it for the past week?


It’s not. The big announcement is in the video below:




So there you have it. By signing up for the FREE newsletter, you will receive by e-mail every Sunday night your exact training for 3 days in the weight room and throwing instruction out in the circles. This will begin this Sunday, June 5th and will continue every Sunday for the next 13 weeks. Basically, the whole summer.


Here’s the catch: since this is a newsletter and it gets mailed out as part of a list, there is no way I can resend it over and over again. If you sign up in week 4 because you forgot or you were tired or you were lazy and want to get training weeks 1-3, it’s not gonna happen.


This free giveaway will cost close to $100 as a full book. Take action. By signing up for the newsletter you get the workouts, the backbone of this training program, totally FREE! So take action and sign up on the right.

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