Happy Friday everybody.


Get ready for the weekend. Grab your javelin, head out to the field, and practice your technique.


School starts in about 4 weeks. The fall sports season is almost here. That means the weather is going to get colder, the ground is going to start to freeze, and javelin season will be done.


Can’t throw the javelin when the ground is as hard as cement.


So get out there as much as possible right now. Take advantage of the warm weather and the soft ground and throw as much as possible.


Today’s video puts the javelin technique together for you. You will learn how to connect the approach run, the crossover steps, and the drawing back of the javelin together. Check it out.




Now that javelin is complete, I will have more room for your questions and more time to talk about training for track and field. The free 13 week e-mail training newsletter is almost complete. This Sunday is week 10. So if you haven’t already signed up, do it immediately.


Take action. Move fast. Get it done.


Have a great weekend and I will see you all on Monday.


Coach Matt Ellis

One Response to Javelin Technique – Putting It All Together

  • Max says:

    I began throwing javelin about a year ago after I graduated from high school and I walked on to my college track team. I am initially from and attend college in the state of Michigan, so not many people know how to teach javelin here. I am very committed to the event and I am bent on improving as much as possible in the little time I have until I graduate so I have some questions that you may be able to help me with.

    1. How many big throw can/should I take per week?
    Should I throw as much as I can as long as I am not injuring myself? or is there a point where too many throws can cause atrophy even though I am not hurting?

    2.How can I make my upper body more flexible?
    I do the usual javelin stretches at least once a day but I find it extremely difficult to increase my flexibility, which then affects my form. I’m wondering if there are any tips on creating flexibility.

    Any feedback would be extremely helpful.



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