Happy Monday everybody,


Monday means it’s time to get back to work. Time for some training, throwing, and hard work to push you to the next level.


Monday is also when the new training video for the week is released. Today’s video is all about grip.


When you throw, no matter what the event, the last thing that touches the implement is your hands and fingers.


You gotta make sure the hands and fingers are just as strong as the rest of the muscles in your body.


You see it all the time. The shot rolls off your hand improperly and bends back your fingers and you can’t practice for a few days. After a day of practice with the discus your fingers are so sore you have trouble lifting or even writing.


How do you get your fingers and hands stronger? Grip training. Just like training your squat or your clean and press, you have to train your grip. Just a few minutes at the end of a weight room session is all it takes. Watch the video below to learn more.




As you can see, you can train your grip with very basic equipment you already have at your gym or at your school. Nothing fancy is needed.


So get to it. No weak links can exist if you want to be the best thrower you can be and reach your full potential.


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Coach Matt Ellis



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