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Today I think I should set some things straight when it comes to working out vs. training.



Even though this is pretty well known, there needs to be some clarification.



If you were a guy who needed to lose a few pounds or look better on the beach, going to the gym and “working out” would be enough. No real plan of action, no real set schedule. Go to the gym, lift some weights, walk on a treadmill, burn a bunch of calories, lose weight.



It’s not hard to do. You just need to commit to going a few times a week, watch what you eat, and sweat a little bit. Do that long enough and you will lose weight.



That’s what 99% of the world does when they go to the gym.



If you are a competitive athlete, you need to TRAIN, not “work out.”



When you train you have a specific goal in mind. You have something you are working towards.



When you train, you follow a program. You get a professional to write out a few months of training for you to follow that ensures you are on the right path to getting stronger, more explosive, faster, and more powerful.



That could be a strength coach at your college, a knowledgeable coach at your high school, or a local trainer with a ton of experience working with athletes.



Problem is, what do you do if none of those people are available to you?



Check out the video to learn more:






So there you have it. The athlete who sent in that question needs to get stronger, more explosive, and faster. He needs to do so without putting on a lot of weight. He needs to stay flexible and mobile.



Think you could write him a program to do all that in the next 3 months?



Many people could get him faster. Many people could get him stronger but he might gain a lot of weight back. Many people could do it in 6 months or a year.



You see, proper programming is tough to do. It really takes someone with a lot of experience and knowledge to get an athlete from a specific sport to reach beyond their goals.



That’s why I created the new eBook, The ULTIMATE Off Season Training Program for Throwers.



13 weeks or proven, guaranteed to work training specifically designed for throwers and power athletes. Guaranteed to get you stronger, more explosive, more powerful, and faster without gaining a lot of weight and increasing your flexibility.



Impossible? Nope. I’ve been using this training program for over 2 years with my athletes. Everyone (over 50 athletes) have used this training program and every one has gotten stronger without putting on a ton of bulk or sacrificing their flexibility.



Check it out for yourself. CLICK HERE <————————



If you have any questions about the book before you buy it or if you want the first week for FREE, email me.








Coach Matt Ellis







3 Responses to Get With The Program

  • Gee says:

    I’m a discus thrower and I love your videos that I’ve seen so far. I’m 5’1″ and this is my first season. I’ve been watching quite a few videos and they all say to throw by powering into your hip as you release. How do you do this? How do you launch the disc with power?

  • Jon Gilleres says:

    Is your program different for javelin throwers as opposed to disc and shot putters?

    • Matt says:

      Nope. Strength is strength. This is a general strength program that will make you a stronger athlete, no matter what sport you play or event you throw. What is javelin specific is what you do AT PRACTICE with drills, technique stuff, and javelin specific tools.

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