Oh man, is it Friday again already?


Three javelin videos a week, and one training video a week. That doesn’t leave me a lot of time to answer your questions. And for that, I apologize.


What I am going to do is dedicate the daily videos on this site like this:

Monday – Strength and Conditioning

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – Throwing Technique

Friday – Rapid Fire Q and A


Today is the first rapid fire Q and A session. On the Primal Facebook page I asked people to leave questions for me. In about an hour I had close to 10 questions. After one day I had close to 50. I picked some of the best that were on topic to what we have been discussing over the past month and answered them by video.




So that’s it for the first rapid fire Q and A. If your question didn’t get answered, leave your question on the Primal Athlete Training Center Facebook page. I will answer it on Facebook and the other fans of the Primal page can help answer too.


So get some discussions going online. Help each other and start spreading the knowledge.


See you back here on Monday for some killer grip training.

-Coach Matt Ellis


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