Happy Thursday everybody,


Today we finish up the week of javelin training by taking another step towards getting you more PR’s and throwing farther on a consistent basis.


Today’s discussion is all about exploding into the throw.


Watch the top throwers no matter what the event. Shot, discus, javelin, you will see something similar between all of the events. The athletes get airborne at one point just before the power position.


Now, they aren’t leaping in the air like they are trying to dunk a basketball. They are bounding forward, barely getting more than 6 inches off the ground.


The reason for this is to increase speed.


With the javelin, your goal during the approach run is to accelerate and build up speed until you are at your top speed right as you start to throw. The only way to go beyond that speed for a little “turbo boost” is to get in the air and reduce the time and friction of the feet hitting the ground.


Check out the video to learn more:




So there you have it. One more step to getting you throwing further than ever before.


Tomorrow I will be doing some rapid-fire questions in video format. I am trying to do about 5 questions in under 10 minutes. Real quick.


If you want your question to be answered, go to the Primal Athlete Training Center facebook page and leave your question right on the wall. If it is a good one, I will answer it in tomorrow’s video.


Thanks, and see you tomorrow.

Coach Matt Ellis

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