The end of the season is right around the corner. If you have been training hard and throwing hard all season you might want to think about slowing down a little bit and tapering down the workouts. Check out the video below to learn more.



It is human nature to get nervous about the big meet at the end of the season. You might get the urge to start making big changes and switching up a lot of things to prepare. What you really need to do is:

  1. Start tapering down your throws 2 weeks out from the meet.
  2. Start decreasing your lifting in the weight room.
  3. Focus more of form and start visualizing the perfect throw

If you take these steps you will ensure that your body is rested and ready for the big meet. Visualize that perfect throw and make it happen. Stay up to date with the most current information and subscribe to our free newsletter on the right and get your 2 free gifts.

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