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I hope you are having a fantastic Friday. There are some big meets happening this weekend. Big meets. District Championships. State Championships. Major Invitationals. Do you have your head right?


Here’s what I mean. A lot of really great throwers out there let the pressure get to them. More than that, they let little mistakes get to them. Think about it this way. If the top golfer in the world hits a bad shot, does he hit 500 more bad shots in a row? No. He shakes it off. He doesn’t think about it anymore. That mistake might not happen again for 6 months.


Sometimes you get so great at throwing that you can coach yourself. You know what you are doing wrong. So you let it get to you. It gets in your head. It eats away at you. If you know what you are doing wrong, you know what to do right.

Watch the video below to learn how to stop being a headcase!




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