What’s up everybody, Happy Thursday!



I can’t believe how fast the days are flying by. Only about 5 weeks now until winter sports practices start up.



Even though the next few months are going to focus on shot put and indoor weight, that doesn’t mean I won’t answer some great javelin questions.



This week I received 2 good javelin questions about the actual implement itself. Not the training or throwing, the actual metal javelin.



I love equipment questions (I sold track equipment for over 7 years) and welcome them to the blog.



So here are two javelin videos. Selecting the proper javelin for an intermediate thrower and getting rust off a steel javelin. Check them out:










Two for the price of 1 which, I guess, is still $0.00



And that is a promise. This blog will always be 100% free. No charge to you. All I ask is that you spread the word to your friends and teammates and coaches. Forward the link to your e-mail list or “Like” this on Facebook.



Let’s turn PrimalATC.com into a site where throwers can come to get the most up to date information possible. Let’s HELP other throwers all around the world become better.





Coach Matt Ellis




2 Responses to Choosing a Javelin and Javelin Care

  • Dennis L. says:

    I love the site. I have been going to your site for about 5 months.
    I am starting to lift more explosively but my question is about discus shoes. I am a masters competitor and growing up I used tennis shoes and have never tried throwing shoes.

    Do they make much difference?
    I typically train on asphalt. Will that wear them out if I buy a pair?
    thanks, Dennis

  • Levi Kalka says:

    Hey Matt,

    I’m an upcoming decathlete and I’ve watched a few of your YouTube videos. For the most part, you seem to know what you’re talking about, so I was wondering: would it be beneficial to me if I use lighter implements to focus more on developing my form? I’ve heard that lighter implements are a great way to start out and focus more on the motions. Since I’m a decathlete and I have to focus on so many events, it’s evident that the form of my throws is possibly the most important aspect of them. I just was wondering what you’re opinion is about it. Thanks.

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