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Like I mentioned yesterday, there are a lot of throwing questions for me to answer and I will be making videos for the best questions that were sent to me by e-mail.



But before I get going on those questions, I need to follow up on a post from Friday. Friday you read about the glide shot put footwork and whether you should land with both feet at the same time in the power position.



There was some confusion and I don’t think I made myself clear enough in the video. So I wanted to take a second to clear up some of the confusion and answer the same question when it comes to the rotational shot. Watch the video below to learn more.




So as you can see, landing with both feet at the same time is not the way to do it. You need to land with the blocking foot touching the ground a split second after your power foot.



This will allow you to come out of that low, crouched position a little easier without sacrificing the ability to keep your weight back.



This was a great question. You can carry over this technique into the glide shot and the discus technique.



Until tomorrow, keep telling your friends, teammates, and coaches about The easiest way?


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Keep those questions coming. See you back here tomorrow.


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Hi everyone,



Before I get going with today’s blog, a lot of you deserve an apology. Yesterday I am sitting in my basement with my wife and son waiting for hurricane Irene to pass and my phone starts going crazy.



Message after message starts coming in and my phone won’t stop buzzing with messages. I look down after a few minutes. 122 new messages.



After the storm passes and the skies start to clear up, I go online to look at all these new e-mails only to realize a lot of them were from May thru August. I had never seen them before.



Somehow they all got clogged up in my e-mail somewhere and were never delivered. There are so many throwing questions. Some of them might have been from you and if that is the case, I am truly sorry.



I am going to make every effort to get these questions answered by the end of the week. The best questions will be answered by video while the easier questions will be answered by a reply e-mail.



On to today’s blog. Today is all about the bottoms up press.



A few weeks ago, I made a video that was featured here on the blog and on the website. In that video I demonstrated a bunch of exercises you can do with common gym equipment and kettlebells. One of those exercises was a kettlebell bottoms up press with a 16kg (35.2 pound) kettlebell.



It was bound to happen. Some keyboard samurai left a comment asking if that was all I could do. So, I decided to find out.



In all honesty, I had no idea what I could bottoms up press. I have done a 36kg in the past and gave the 40kg (88 pound) kettlebell a ride. Check out the video below to learn more.




So there you have it. Not too shabby if I do say so myself.



You should give these a try if you have a set of kettlebells at your school or at your gym. They are pretty tough to master and fry your grip pretty bad.



Tomorrow and for the next few days the posts will be all about throwing. I have plenty of questions to answer and will get them posted up on the blog every day.



Keep checking back in and make sure you let your friends, teammates, and coaches know about Click the Facebook “Like” button on the right too. Help spread the word to throwers around the world what happens here on a daily basis.





Coach Matt Ellis


What’s up everybody,



Happy Friday. Got a great post for all of you today.



xOjavaOx posted a great question on one of my YouTube videos about landing in the power position.



One of my athletes is having this problem right now. This question couldn’t have come at a better time.



When you explode out of the starting position in the back of the shot put circle and land in the power position, should your feet hit the ground at the same time?



The answer might surprise you. Yes and No. Check out the video below to learn more.




Please keep spreading the word about 5 days a week I update the site with blog posts and videos.



No other website dedicated to throws training and conditioning is taking the time to do this for you.



Make sure you check back every day and subscribe to the newsletter on the right. I don’t send out spam or any other junk to your inbox. Just pure training and conditioning information.



Hope to hear from you real soon.



Coach Matt Ellis




Hi Everybody,



Coach Matt back with you on this powerful Thursday morning. A hurricane is charging up the east coast and heading towards Rhode Island. Hopefully it passes right over and I can continue to post blogs and tips throughout the week.



If we get hit hard, stay tuned. Hopefully it just turns into a tropical storm and the surfers around here get a great set of waves to ride.



I made the video below to post here on the website for parents and athletes to watch. There is so much information out there on proper training for high school athletes. Most of it is complete B.S.



High school athlete’s training should focus on 4 things: Building strength, adding muscle mass, improving your explosiveness, and increasing your flexibility.



If high school athletic training was laid out in a pie chart, those 4 things would take up 90% of the pie.



The other 10% of the pie would be things like agility, balance, foot speed, rhythm, and coordination. These things are important, but should be trained on the practice field according to the specific sport. That’s what practice is for.



When you are in the weight room, focus on the bigger picture.



So why are so many places popping up all around the country and dedicating themselves to the little things and avoiding training the big things? Watch the video below to find out more.




It’s all about the Benjamins, baby! Money. Plain and simple. Spending $500-$600 bucks on these fitness toys to potentially make a few thousand extra dollars a day is very tempting.



But how the heck are one or two “trainers” going to keep an eye on 30 – 40 kids per session, make sure they are training correctly, and make sure they are on the right path to reach their ultimate goals?



Easy, they can’t. Athletes, no matter what the age or skill level, need to find a place to train where they can work in a small group with other like minded athletes. These athletes push each other to get better. Because the group is smaller, the athletes can constantly be evaluated and watched over to make sure they are always improving.



Whether it’s training and coaching face to face at Primal or on-line long distance coaching here on the website, that’s a promise I can guarantee to all of my athletes.



If you are a local and want the best athletic training you can find that focuses on the things that actually will get you better, you need to sign up at Primal Athlete Training Center.



If you don’t live in the Rhode Island area, check out this link. There is an exclusive opportunity still open for athletes all around the world to train with me one on one.



I hope to hear from you soon.


Coach Matt Ellis



Hey Everybody,



Coach Matt here with a huge announcement.



For the past 2 weeks I have been teasing you about a major announcement. This can be a huge benefit for you and so many other athletes out there.



If you don’t have a coach you need to check this out.


If you can’t afford the $30 – $50 dollars a day that local coaches are charging you, you need to check this out.


If your coach is good, but can’t get you to where you need to be to reach your goals, you need to check this out.



Move your cursor over the “PRODUCTS” tab at the top of this page. Another tab called “ONLINE COACHING” will pop up. Click on that tab and start reading.



This is an exclusive opportunity for you to finally have a knowledgeable, affordable coach with almost 20 years throwing and coaching experience.



This takes a huge commitment from me, so I am only offering this to the first 10 people who sign up. I started offering this to my newsletter recipients last week, and they worked fast and started signing up right away.



There are only 5 spots left.



If you are considering this, hop on it NOW. You don’t want to be in second place next year saying “what if?”



You want to win. You want more PR’s and more first place awards. You need a great coach to make that happen.



Now is your chance. I am really excited about this. Throwers from all over the world read this blog and watch the videos every day. This won’t be open for long. Sign up quickly if you want to be the best.



Or, you can do nothing and be stuck in the middle of the pack.



The choice is up to you. I hope you make the right one.


-Coach Matt Ellis


What’s up everybody,



Coach Matt back with you again with more throwing and training ideas. Today is all about plyometrics.



When you think of plyometrics, you might think of jumping as high as you can on to a box or over a hurdle. And this is true. A big part of plyometric training is jumping as high as possible to build that explosive strength.



But you also need to remember that in the throwing events, explosive power is only half of the story when it comes to plyometric training.



The other half is a fast reaction time. In other words, spending as little time on the ground as possible.



In the video below, I show you one of my favorite exercises to decrease your time on the ground and to get you faster.



After the video, make sure you read below to get a sneak preview of tomorrow’s huge announcement.




If you sat through the entire video, you heard correctly. Here is what you do.



Go up to the Products tab and hover over it with your cursor. The “Online Coaching” tab should pop right up. This is a password protected page and is not open for viewing by the general public until tomorrow.



If you are interested, please message me directly for the password:



Keep in mind, there are only 10 spots available. I announced this to my newsletter recipients last Sunday so they have already had a chance to sign up.



Only a few spots remain so don’t hesitate. Sign up ASAP and let’s start working together to make your track season the best it can possibly be. Finally hit those goals you set for yourself.


See you soon,


Coach Matt Ellis




Happy Friday all,



What a great day so far. A perfect day to get work done.



Before I get to the post today, I want to remind all of you that I will be making a huge announcement on Sunday in the newsletter. Make sure you enter in your e-mail address on the right to sign up. You won’t be disappointed.



I hope you all saw yesterday’s post and video on grip training with weight plates. I hope you all tried a few at the gym and saw how difficult and how necessary training your grip is for a thrower.



The fingers are the last thing that touches the implement. Don’t let it be a weak spot.



Today’s video is all about grip training with hex dumbbells. A lot of gyms and training centers don’t like hex dumbbells because they are a little rough looking and don’t look as fancy as the chrome and rubber “pro style” dumbbells.



I call B.S. on that one.



Hex dumbbells are awesome. Check out the video below to learn more about grip training using hex dumbbells.




Like it says in the video, use your imagination. Just as long as you are hanging on to the dumbbell by the blob on the end, your grip is going to get fried.



Mix it up. Get fancy. Leave a comment below and let me know other hex dumbbell moves to improve your grip.


Huge announcement this Sunday on the newsletter. Sign up to learn more. It’s free. Enter your e-mail on the right.



Coach Matt Ellis




Thursday is here. The week is almost over and hopefully you have been training hard and improving your throws.



Take advantage of the warm weather months. Up here in New England, high school football is right in the middle of double sessions, and school starts in about 2 weeks.



The summer flew bye and it is almost September.



Before you know it, the temperature will be dropping and the snow will start to fall. Indoor track is only 3 months away. If you haven’t done anything to prepare for it during the summer, you just gave your competitors a huge advantage and put yourself at a huge disadvantage.



If you are like my athletes, this summer you worked on your form and technique, followed a strength training program that works, and have been setting huge PR’s every month.



If not, you better get started.



Here is a great place to start. Improve your grip with thrower specific finger and hand strengthening techniques.



Check out the video below to learn some specific techniques to improve your grip only using weight plates.




I say it almost every day. You need to get an advantage over your competitors any way you can. Track and field is a game of inches. There can be no weak spots in your arsenal. Having a huge squat, a big bench, and the ability to clean and press a ton of weight is not everything.



Having strong hands, wrists, and fingers will help prevent injury during the season and could get you the extra few inches you need to hit that big PR.



Check back in tomorrow and make sure to sign up for the newsletter on the right. Huge announcement went out to the newsletter last Sunday and this Sunday is no different.


Take action and sign up.



Coach Matt Ellis



Wednesday is here. I can’t believe this week is flying by so fast.



I guess it really is true what they say. Time flies when you are having fun.



I have the most fun educating throwers and coaches how to be better at the shot, discus, hammer, and javelin. Training my throwers and the other athletes at Primal drives me to be the best at what I do.



And I love it. I am passionate about it. It’s what I do.



One of the first things I teach to a new athlete when they start training with me is the different variations of Olympic lifting with dumbbells and kettlebells.






It is faster for the new athlete to understand, teaches them how to use the whole body as one complete unit, and has the same awesome results as using the 45 pound bar.



Most importantly, the athletes gets to become stronger, more explosive, and faster using their hands and arms independent of one another. The same way throwers use one arm to launch a shot, throw a discus, or heave a javelin.



Check out the video below to learn more and check out the technique.




When you hit the weights today, throw in some one arm dumbbell cleans and snatches. Feel the difference when you move your entire body with the weight only in one hand.



That’s real functional training for a thrower.



I put out 5 new blog posts a week specifically for throwers. Make sure you check back in every day to learn more.



And if you wouldn’t mind, please click the button on the right to “like” Primal Athlete Training Center on Facebook.



See you right here tomorrow.



Coach Matt Ellis



Happy Tuesday Everybody. Hope you are having a great one so far.



I made a pretty big mistake with regards to the newsletter. For the past 11 weeks, I have been sending out a free 3 day a week workout plan. Every week the primary strength movement was a percentage of your max lift.



For example, 9 reps with 40% of your max plus 10 pounds.



Now, this week I received a few questions from newsletter recipients asking about the math and how to do it properly. I completely forgot to teach everyone how to do the math properly.



The last time I took a math class was my senior year of high school (14 years ago). I realize a lot of people receiving this newsletter aren’t math wizards either. So I created a video to help you all figure out the math.




There it is. As you can see, if you do the math wrong, you are going to have a really hard time making your lifts and getting stronger.



So do the math right.



Only a few more days until I release the huge announcement to this blog, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. But, the newsletter recipients already know what it is and they aren’t telling anyone.



The newsletter recipients will get the first crack at the special offer before anyone else receives the instructions.


This is going to be huge, so don’t miss out. Don’t be the guy wondering “What if…?”


Take action. Become the best. You are going to want to jump on this offer.



Coach Matt Ellis