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10 Week Girls Basketball

Preseason Training Camp


Monday, September 11th – Friday, November 17th


Get your daughter ready for tryouts!


The landscape of girls basketball is changing.

I’ve seen it, you’ve seen it, and your athletes have seen it.


Girls basketball at the middle school and high school level

is more physical than ever before.


When you combine that with the fact that girls have started

specializing early and play on teams 12 months a year,

the entire dynamic of the game has changed.


For the past 7 years, we have trained high school and middle school girls

to get stronger, faster, and have more endurance on the court.


In 7 years helping hundreds of girls, not once did a parent come to the gym

with a story about their daughter needing to improve their jump shot,

their dribbling skills, or needing to play on more teams.


They always tell the same stories:


She has zero energy in the second half


She keeps getting pushed around under the basket


She’s not fast enough getting back on defense


Every year the same nagging injuries pop up


She used to be the strongest on the team but the other girls caught up


The game is so much more physical now


We get it. We’ve seen it. And we’re helping girls keep up.


This is the chance for your daughter to focus on the

one part of her game that will make the biggest difference.


Her physical strength, speed, and endurance on the court.


This isn’t some cheesy speed camp where a group of 35 girls

show up one hour a week and dance around some plastic cones

some guy ordered off Amazon a fews days ago.


This is actual strength training and conditioning

done in an actual weight room in a small group led by

certified strength and conditioning coaches.


The same type of training colleges and top high school programs

require of their girls when they commit to play.


The type of training that builds strength, adds lean muscle,

improves speed on the court, improves core strength,

and increases vertical jumping ability.


Here’s How It Works…


Step one is to fill out the form below and let us know you are interested.


Once you submit the form I will contact you in 24 hours to schedule your

daughter’s free assessment workout at the gym.


This way she can check out the gym, make sure she is 100% comfortable

with the training, and see what we are all about.


If she likes it, her first day of training can start on Monday, September 11th.


She can come train at the gym up to three times a week.


We have 25 sessions per week and she can choose three to attend.


The hours are Monday thru Friday from 3:00pm until 8:00pm.

Sessions last one hour.


Our regular rates to train 3x per week are $245 per month.

10 weeks of training would normally cost over $500.


This 10 week program (30 training sessions) is only $350.


Simply fill out the form below, click the submit button,

and we will take care of the rest.


Fill out my online form.

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