Hi Everybody,


Hope you are all having a great week and are working hard during this summer off-season.


This week at Primal Athlete Training Center is max week. This is when my athletes test their maxes to see how they have improved over the past training cycle.


Results have been off the hook. 110 pound increase in one guys squat. 40 pound increase in someone’s bench press. Everybody has increased significantly over the past 10 weeks. Crazy.


So you see increases like this and maybe you think my athletes have been getting huge too. 110 pound increase in squat must mean he gained 10 – 20 pounds in the past 10 weeks. Actually, none of my athletes have put on significant weight to their frames while training with me.


Most have lost weight.


How can this be? Check out the video below to learn more.




To get massive, you need to put your body in the right environment. Eating tons of extra calories of the right food, large amounts of rest, keeping the heart rate low during training, and having the right amount of sets and reps.


The free training I have been giving away every Sunday gets you strong, explosive, and fast. But it does the opposite of what’s listed above. The main strength movement every day works with a lower percentage of your max for shorter, faster reps. The small strength circuit at the end of the day uses the entire body and gets your heart rate high. There is very little rest between each set.


The free training has been designed to make you a better athlete. Strong, powerful, explosive, and fast without adding mass. You will build lean, dense muscle.


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Coach Matt Ellis

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