Happy Friday all,



What a great day so far. A perfect day to get work done.



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I hope you all saw yesterday’s post and video on grip training with weight plates. I hope you all tried a few at the gym and saw how difficult and how necessary training your grip is for a thrower.



The fingers are the last thing that touches the implement. Don’t let it be a weak spot.



Today’s video is all about grip training with hex dumbbells. A lot of gyms and training centers don’t like hex dumbbells because they are a little rough looking and don’t look as fancy as the chrome and rubber “pro style” dumbbells.



I call B.S. on that one.



Hex dumbbells are awesome. Check out the video below to learn more about grip training using hex dumbbells.




Like it says in the video, use your imagination. Just as long as you are hanging on to the dumbbell by the blob on the end, your grip is going to get fried.



Mix it up. Get fancy. Leave a comment below and let me know other hex dumbbell moves to improve your grip.


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Coach Matt Ellis



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