Thursday is here. The week is almost over and hopefully you have been training hard and improving your throws.



Take advantage of the warm weather months. Up here in New England, high school football is right in the middle of double sessions, and school starts in about 2 weeks.



The summer flew bye and it is almost September.



Before you know it, the temperature will be dropping and the snow will start to fall. Indoor track is only 3 months away. If you haven’t done anything to prepare for it during the summer, you just gave your competitors a huge advantage and put yourself at a huge disadvantage.



If you are like my athletes, this summer you worked on your form and technique, followed a strength training program that works, and have been setting huge PR’s every month.



If not, you better get started.



Here is a great place to start. Improve your grip with thrower specific finger and hand strengthening techniques.



Check out the video below to learn some specific techniques to improve your grip only using weight plates.




I say it almost every day. You need to get an advantage over your competitors any way you can. Track and field is a game of inches. There can be no weak spots in your arsenal. Having a huge squat, a big bench, and the ability to clean and press a ton of weight is not everything.



Having strong hands, wrists, and fingers will help prevent injury during the season and could get you the extra few inches you need to hit that big PR.



Check back in tomorrow and make sure to sign up for the newsletter on the right. Huge announcement went out to the newsletter last Sunday and this Sunday is no different.


Take action and sign up.



Coach Matt Ellis

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