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Hey Everybody,


Writing you all today to let you know about the sad state of track and field in America.


When I started during the indoor season of 2010, things couldn’t be better. I had an idea to create a website where people could come to ask questions and get information on their throwing technique. The questions came rolling in and the videos started pumping. Track season was in full effect. Great stuff.


Outdoor season came and more questions started flowing in. Information was needed on the discus and the videos were getting watched 800-1200 times a day. Athletes needed information and I was happy to provide them to you all.


As the outdoor season and the school year came to a close, I constantly warned and reminded all of you to keep the questions coming in and to keep throwing during the summer. Summer is the time you can all get the advantage over your competitors who were just going to sit on their butts all summer playing video games and chatting on Facebook for hours on end.


Now that June is coming to a close and Summer is in full effect, the questions have stopped. No more comments on the YouTube videos, no more comments here on the site, no more interaction on Facebook. Oh well.


Guess everyone now has perfect form and is throwing shot over 70 feet and discus over 200 feet. Wow. Guess I did my job. That was easy.


In reality, none of you are throwing this summer. None of you are working hard. None of you are taking the time to visit the site and get better at your throws.


Same old story. You all love track and field during the season. Now that the season is over, you could care less.


Hey, what else is new?


Want to know a secret? The playing field isn’t level.


Many of you will reason with yourself. “No one else is throwing so if I don’t throw then we’re even.” Yeah right. That’s the wrong way of thinking. If no one else is throwing, this is when you can be out there catching up to them and setting your place at the top of your state.


But you won’t. Football is almost here. You have xbox, sleeping late, and the pool to lay next to all afternoon. Why go out and improve? Why become one of the best? Why wast the 2 or 3 hours a week to get that college scholarship?


Why not?

Happy Thursday Everybody,


I hope your summer and your off-season is going great so far. Throwers and coaches who want to dominate over their competition next season will continue reading this blog and practicing on their own. Throwers and coaches who don’t even think about track and field for another 6 months will be left in the dust.


Throwers and coaches like YOU are the reason I take the time to make these videos and update this blog every day. It costs me time and money but I know it will help improve the sport of track and field and get you throwing further.


In today’s world, you gotta give back.


Today we continue with the rotational shot put. In the video below you will learn about shifting weight. Shifting weight is the glue that holds the rotational events like the shot and discus together. If you don’t change weight properly, your throw is going to suffer…badly.


Watch the video below and tell me what you think.




There you go. Starting Tuesday the videos will focus on the finish of the throw and the release. Make sure you keep tuning in to this blog and keep asking questions. The questions have really dropped since outdoor season ended and this is NOT GOOD.


This means a lot of YOU gave up and are going to coast through the summer without picking up a shot, discus, javelin, or hammer. No wonder why the other countries are killing us in the throwing events.


If you took 2 hours a week to go throw and work on technique, by the time next season rolls around you would have done the equivalent of an extra month of practice. That’s a one month advantage over your competitors. So keep throwing. Keep practicing Keep working hard.



Coach Matt Ellis

Happy Wednesday everybody,


I am back with another step you can practice out in the circle to become a better rotational shot putter. This is probably the most difficult concept for rotational throwers to grasp. Shot, discus, it doesn’t matter. This will make or break your throw.


It’s called the mirror turn. This is where you actually turn, in mid air, and land in the power position. Very hard concept for you to understand, but when you break it down into smaller steps it actually feels pretty natural.


Check out the video below to see how you can perfect the mirror turn.




There you have it. This isn’t something you do great one time and you are set for life. This will take years for you to perfect. So if you are serious about being a great rotational shot putter you must practice this movement every day to propel yourself to the next level.


Tomorrow I will give you the third and final video explaining the drive phase moving down the circle. Make sure you tune in and spread the word to your teammates, friends, and coaches.


Keep throwing far,

Coach Matt Ellis


Hey Everybody,


Here we go again. Back at it with the next step to our rotational shot put technique series. Believe it or not this is video #6 and we still have another 5 or 6 left to go.


Why so many? Rotational shot put is a very advanced technique. There are many small steps that need to be worked on and perfected. If one step gets messed up it will negatively affect the rest of the throw.


The other reason I am breaking this down into so many steps is because it’s the summer time. This is the one season of the year when you can take your time and learn to do things properly. You don’t have a meet on Saturday and there is no pressure or rush to cram everything together in just a few days.


If you haven’t started learning this step by step and you are just going out and throwing with 100% effort every day, STOP. Go back a few blog posts to Rotational Video #1 and start learning this step by step.


It is much easier to learn the technique than to correct the technique. I can’t tell you how easy it is to teach when there are no bad habits and nothing to correct. This is the time of year when you can learn the proper form in a relaxed environment.


So here you go. Video #6 in the series. Starting the drive out of the back of the circle.




Thanks for watching and for coming back to learn more. This is what separates the good throwers from the great ones. A willingness to learn and to improve your form and technique during the off season. And a huge thank you in advance for spreading the word to your teammates and coaches about



Coach Matt Ellis

Hey Everybody,


I’m all about my athletes becoming as successful as possible.


About 7 weeks ago, I received an e-mail from a dad who was looking to get some javelin training for his daughter. He explained that his daughter was a High School Junior, threw 138′ as a Sophomore, but was having some trouble staying consistent and increasing her distance. She would be driving down to Rhode Island from Massachusetts but really wanted the help.


I said “Absolutely.”


Her name is Meghan McHugh.


We arranged a time for Meg and her parents to come to Primal to talk more about her goals and take a look at the facility. Meg went through the initial assessment and aced it. She had great athletic ability. The first time we were going to get together and throw, it was pouring outside. She still came to the gym to do footwork and release drills inside. The second time we were going to get together and throw, it was raining outside. We went to the field anyway and we still threw…outside…in the rain.


Finally we caught some good weather and were able to get out three more times. Each time we went out I had one goal for her to complete, one tiny thing for her to correct. She did every time.


Meg placed first at the Massachusetts State Championships, first at the Massachusetts All State Championships, and third at the New England Championships in horrible weather conditions.


Meg is a very involved and very busy student athlete. She is one of the top students in her class, a class officer, volunteers for many organizations, goes to church with her parents, and has goals that go WAY beyond the world of track and field. Many of our training days had to be rescheduled because of this but she still found time to come down and throw and improve. That’s dedication.


Dedication, commitment, and a hunger to become great gets you very far.


This weekend Meg threw another big PR and placed 5th at the New Balance National Championships in North Carolina. She is an All American. Here is video of her throw:




When I text messaged her to congratulate her, she responded back with “thanks, could’ve thrown further but fouled twice.”


A classic response from an athlete who is always wanting to improve, never satisfied with a PR, and will become one of the best throwers in college when she gets there. Heck, she’s only a Junior. Senior year should be a blast!


Congratulations Meg. You earned it and you deserve it. I am happy to say I had something, albeit it a very small something, to do with getting you closer to your goals. See you in the gym this week.


Coach Matt Ellis

Primal Athlete Training Center



Hi Everyone and Happy Friday,


Tomorrow, Saturday June 18th Primal Athlete Training Center in Cranston, RI is having it’s first open house. This is pretty unusual for us. Primal is a private training facility and we are not open to the public. We are hidden away in an industrial park. And for good reason too.


I can’t have people training at my gym who aren’t 100% committed to becoming a better athlete. I can’t have people coming from off the street looking to lose 5 pounds or get in shape for the beach.


Hungry, serious, committed athletes who want to get better and recognize they need to train with someone who has the experience getting athletes to the next level.


The off-season is where championships are won and where you can transform yourself into a brutally strong, explosive, and healthier athlete. It won’t happen in the local gym doing workouts you found in a magazine. It won’t be handed to you Senior year either. So how does it happen?


You need to work hard to reach your goal of being one of the best in the state. You will become a better athlete at Primal Athlete Training Center. Primal is a private facility where athletes train in very small groups. Primal is not open to the public and is INVITE ONLY. Consider this is your invitation.


You Need to Get 4 Things Out of Your Training This Summer

Increased strength, more muscle, greater endurance, and more speed

What’s your plan to improve these 4 things this off-season? Do you even have a plan? Don’t waste time trying to figure it out for yourself. Train with a coach that has years of success helping athletes and a plan of action yielding phenomenal results. This is what we offer at Primal A.T.C.

  • Old School, No B.S. Training Methods. No Gimmicky routines or equipment.
  • Free assessment and training session to see if Primal is right for you.
  • Small Groups. No more than 6 athletes to a session, only 2-3 times a week.
  • A Certified Strength Coach respected by many of RI’s top coaches.
  • Guaranteed results. More Strength, More Speed, Less Injuries.
  • If you aren’t satisfied you can stop at any time.



Primal is a private facility and we train 40 athletes TOTAL. Take advantage of this offer because it will fill up fast. Call Coach Matt at the number below to reserve your spot.

Primal Athlete Training Center

101 Comstock Parkway Unit #8 Cranston, RI 02921

Matt Ellis – Owner and Head Strength Coach


Good afternoon everybody,


Coach Matt here from Primal Athlete Training Center. Continuing the video series on the rotational shot put. This week we are covering how to correctly start in the back of the circle. The most important parts of starting out are:


Keeping low, getting left, and staying long.


Yesterday’s video explained how to set your feet and how to get low and stay low. Today we are going to discuss how to shift the weight over the pivoting foot. It can be very tricky, especially for newer athletes just starting out. Watch the video below to find out more information.




So take that information out with you to the circle this week. This is the off-season. This is where you should be taking your time and mastering the proper techniques step by step. You have all summer and all fall season to work on things. It’s not like during the season where you are rushed and have a meet coming up in a few days.


Make sure you keep sending in those questions that I can answer. E-mail me directly or go to the Facebook app on the right, ‘like’ the Primal Facebook page, and leave your question right on our wall. If the question is a goood one, I will answer it in a future post.


Keep throwing far this summer,

Coach Matt Ellis

Happy Tuesday Everyone,


Today we get started in the circle with the rotational shot put. Like always, we start at the beginning.


Here’s the thing. Rotational shot put is an advanced movement. Most athletes (99% of athletes) learn the rotational technique after they have mastered the power position throw and the glide technique.


For this reason, I am not going to start by showing power position drills, footwork, and body position. If you need that, you probably shouldn’t be throwing with the rotation. I covered all of that in the glide shot put video series you can find in the videos section of this website.


I will be starting at the beginning. Just like you were at a meet, stepping into the circle ready to throw and get a mark. I will take it step by step in small increments. This way you can see exactly every point you need to master before moving on to the next part of the throw.


Here is the first video dealing with setting up your feet in the back of the circle and how much your legs should be bent. Check it out.




As always, a huge thank you in advance for passing along to your friends and coaches. This community of throwers is really starting to grow. With your help, this can become the place where throwers can go to get up to date, correct coaching information to take out to the circles on a daily basis.


See you all here tomorrow,

Coach Matt Ellis

Hey everyone,


Last week on my Facebook page I got a question regarding the hips. We all know the hips play an integral part of the throwing events. But what happens if you aren’t feeling the hips snap at the end of the throw.


Well, it could be a few things.


Timing, foot position, and weight shifting instantly pop into my head when someone says they aren’t getting their hips into the throw. Check out the video below to learn more.




So there you have it. Another question answered and another thrower helped because he took a few seconds to post a question on our Facebook page. You should do the same. Go to the banner on the right and click “like”. You will get these videos and updates right on your Facebook page and be able to ask all the questions you need to become a better thrower.


The second week of completely free workouts went out last night. Right now over 250 people have opened up their inboxes and have an entire free week of training they can follow this week to become a better thrower. Want to get these free workouts too? Sign up for our free newsletter. Next Sunday week 3 goes out. Make sure you are on that list.

-Coach Matt Ellis

Hi everyone,


I have something pretty cool for you all today. This is a first for me and for this site but definitely something I want to do more often. Video Analysis.


Charles Wolcott sent me an e-mail asking for some help before his national championships happening in a few week. He actually attached a 5 second video clip of him throwing to his e-mail. Because he attached a video, I was able to really analyze what he was doing. I found three small corrections that will make a really huge difference in this throw. Check out the video below:




We will be getting back to the rotational shot put on Monday. I hope you all have an awesome weekend.


Make sure you are taking the time to break down your throws and work on the small things. This is the off-season. This is the time of year when you can afford to correct the small things and get your body and the implement moving correctly.


Also, make sure you spread the word about to your friends and teammates and coaches. Let’s get together and really make this a place where throwers and coaches can come to learn more about their events and improve on a daily basis. Like us on Facebook by clicking the banner on the right.