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As crazy as it sounds, this is a new concept for gyms. Guaranteeing results for members.

Results Based Business.

This means the goal of the gym and the training is to get results. Not make sales quotas or upsell old members into more profitable training packages.

As a results based business, I am committed 100% to every member that signs up at Primal. Primal isn’t a multi million dollar corporation. There is no board of trustees. There are no private investors. We don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on TV ads or radio spots. We can’t afford to lose members.

Every improvement on the field, every pound lost, every match won, every second shaved off a time, every added pound to a lift is a positive result. The athletes getting these results are the best advertising I can ask for. They know the hard work and time they dedicate to their training is helping them succeed. Others realize they are putting in the extra effort and start asking what they are doing.

Great results from great members bring in other great athletes.

Poor results? Poor results don’t just turn away the member. That member spreads the word that we are not the place to train.

This type of results based training guarantees a few things.

1. Every member gets 100% care, dedication, and attention from me.

2. Every member gets great results.

My goal every day is improvement. Improvement for our members. Improvement for the gym. For me it isn’t some ego trip. It isn’t about making a quick buck on some advertising scam. I’m certainly not in this to become the next giant commercial gym. I am in it 100% for my members.

If you haven’t seen results in a while, if you have plateaued, if you want to make it to the next level, please give us a call or drop an e-mail. We can get you the results you have been searching for. We guarantee it.

Primal Sign

The Outside Sign

There are three types of people in this world. Those who sit on the sidelines and never take risks, those who jump right in without thinking, and those who try before they buy.

Sometimes in life you need to take risks and jump right in. Make emotional decisions. Leap before you look.

Sometimes you have to sit the sidelines and not take risks. Friends want to jump out a perfectly good airplane or go bungee jumping? Swim with sharks? Not for me, thanks.

Most times in life you need to test the water before you jump in. Dip your toes, so to speak. Choosing the right strength coach and gym is one of these times. Do your research. Try out a few sessions. Make sure the strength coach’s ideas work with your head coach’s ideas. Make sure you will have enough individual attention and you won’t be lost in a sea of people. Make sure the coach can prove the results he “guarantees.”

For the month of January, Primal ATC is giving you one month of the best strength training in Rhode Island completely for free. If you like it and feel like it is a good fit for you, you can continue. If not you are free to leave. Have friends that already are members of Primal? Come in for a free session and try it out.

Why sign up for a year at a place you are unsure about? Why buy a few months of sessions from a trainer you know nothing about. Wish you could try out a gym and a strength coach before you make the investment? Now is your chance.