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Many athletes of all ages and skill levels have joined our team,
committed to the training and hard work,
and are realizing the goals they set are coming true.

The same can happen for Your Athlete.

Success doesn’t happen by wishing for it or waiting for it to happen.
It’s not some magic trick!
Athletes need to go out and make their own success.
They must work hard to make it happen.

What do your athletes need to get better?

Do they need to add muscle to their frame or Lose body fat?

Do they need to get faster? Jump Higher?

Do they have the skills but no power to back it up?

Does this sound like your athlete?

They are too small to play their position.


They don’t have the strength or endurance to play a whole game.


They constantly take breaks and get out of breath easily.


They sit the bench because the coach doesn’t notice them.


They want to break away from the middle of the pack and become a starter.

Like your athletes, I have been there.
I want to help them reach their goals.

Like many other parents who read this page,
and like many of the athletes who we’ve helped over the years,
I have been there.

I’ve played sports since I was a little kid.
When I was younger, being faster, stronger, and taller
gave me an unfair advantage over other athletes my age.
Sitting the bench was out of the question.

Then Middle School and High School came along
and it was no longer easy.

When your athletes get older, they are no longer a big fish in a small pond.
Their teammates get bigger and stronger.
Your kids play teams from other towns and realize they’re no longer the best.
The advantages they had when they were younger don’t exist anymore.


Read what our members and their parents have to say about Primal


My son Brandon competes in track for CLCF as well as Tollgate High School. Brandon began discus and shot put training with Matt this past August and then began training twice a week at the gym in October. In that time, Brandon not only physically looks stronger but has also shown tremendous improvement in all his events.In less than 6 months of training with Matt, Brandon has gone from jumping 4’10″ to 5’2″ on his high jump, from jumping 14’7″ to 16’5″ on his long jump, and from throwing 23’2″ to 33″ on his shot put. He has also set the indoor track freshman record at his high school in 55 hurdles and high jump and hopes to add the long jump before the end of the season.
Matt and the trainers at Primal set individual workouts according to the athletes sport, experience, and goals. Brandon set a goal for himself of competing in the decathlon at Junior Olympics this summer so workouts are formulated with this goal in mind. Form and technique are a priority as well as enforcing proper diet and adequate rest, which has kept Brandon injury free even while training so many events. Brandon feels stronger and more confident in himself and it has shown on the track. I highly recommend Matt and the trainers at Primal for any athlete who is serious about unlocking their full potential and remaining healthy in the process.”
-Wendy Rios, Mom of Primal athlete Brandon Rios


In 2013, My daughter Corinne approached me about possibly doing some athletic training. We took in a couple of sessions and talked with Matt about all of our concerns. Many fears that we had were that she was too young (almost 12)? Would she be intimidated? Would the exercises hurt her growth? Would she get too unfeminine?

Many hopes that we had were that her interests would be put as a priority. That she would enjoy it enough to stick with it. That she would see results on and off the field with regards to strength, confidence, and mobility.


Well, 3+ years later and Corinne is still an active member of Primal and is seeing progressive goals hit in her athletic endeavors and her strength. Matt has become like a big brother to Corinne and Primal has become a bit of a second family. Her confidence and results have shown to many members of her softball organization what Primal can do for them.


Hopefully people reading this realize that she was not an elite athlete before training at Primal, but the good one. This training is for every kid that wants to become stronger physically, mentally, and confidence wise. Big advocate for Matt, hopefully your children will check it out also. Thank you Matt!


- Craig Rose, Dad of Primal athlete Corinne Rose




My son started going to Primal at 11 years old after seeing an advertisement for an age-based program. He had said to me a few weeks earlier, “Dad, I want to get better for next season.” This was after a few months earlier he had told me he wanted to take a break from football.


Over the next few months I watched my son transform. Not only did he become stronger and shed some weight, he became more confident. This transformation was noticed not just by us, but also by his football and lacrosse coaches. Without a doubt Coach Matt and his staff were, and continue to be, a huge influence on him.
After seeing the results of Primal’s programs firsthand, I was very vocal in recommending them to both my son’s teammates as well as the football players I coached. I again witnessed Primal’s effect on my players as they grew stronger, more mature, and more confident as athletes and also young men. Without a doubt these athletes will be more prepared as they enter high school sports next year because of the work ethic and fundamentals they learned at Primal ATC.
-Coach John Rocchio, CLCF Football, Dad of Primal athletes Derek and Jason Rocchio

At PRIMAL, your athlete will see results

Our methods get results.
Their training sessions are adjusted according to their sport and goals.
They will peak at the end of their season.
Just in time for the big games and playoffs.

They will not be thrown into a cookie cutter training program.
Before joining PRIMAL, they go through a free assessment workout.
Their flexibility and mobility will be tested.
Their strength will be tested.
Their muscular endurance will be tested.
Their training sessions will be designed to help where they need the most improvement.

Their strengths won’t be ignored either.
As we focus on improving their weaknesses,
their strengths will continue to improve.
This way, all aspects of their athletic ability will increase.

They must work hard to see great results

They will quickly learn that the training sessions are tough.
They will be pushed harder than a typical training session or practice.
There is a good reason for this.
They need to work hard to become the best.
No successful athlete ever became the best doing half the work.

When you join PRIMAL, you become part of our family!

Our athletes represent us. They are part of team Primal.
We are proud to have your athlete as part of the PRIMAL family.
The results they get from our training happen because
they will be training with other athletes in small groups.

Only serious, dedicated athletes are accepted into our program.
Your children will feel right at home when they begin their training
and their journey to becoming an elite athlete.

Because we work in small groups, Space is limited.
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