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Many athletes JUST LIKE YOU have joined our team,
committed to the training and hard work,
and are realizing the goals they set are coming true.

The same can happen for You.

You won’t find success by wishing for it or keeping your fingers crossed.
You must go out and make your own success.
You must work hard to make it happen.

What do you need to get better?

Do you need to add muscle to your frame? Lose body fat?

Do you need to get faster?

Do you have the skills to play but need to be more physical?

Does this sound like you?

You are too small to be considered a starter.


You sit the bench because the coach doesn’t notice you.

You want to break away from the middle of the pack and become a starter.

Like you, I have been there. I want to help you reach your goals.

Like many of the athletes who read this page
and like many of the athletes who have asked for help,
I have been there.

Like you, I’ve played sports since I was a little kid.
When I was younger, being faster, stronger, and taller gave me an unfair advantage over other athletes my age.
Sitting the bench was out of the question.

Then High School came along and it was no longer easy.

You are no longer a big fish in a small pond.
Your teammates are bigger than you and stronger than you.
You play teams from other towns and realize you are no longer the best.
The advantages you had when you were younger don’t exist anymore.


Read what our members and their parents have to say about Primal

“I have had many coaches and trainers throughout my sports career. Some have been good, some have been bad, and there have been those few who have left a mark on my life that will never fade. One of those coaches is Coach Matt Ellis at Primal Athlete Training Center. His training is tiring, difficult, and strenuous but each week I look forward to each practice with him. That has never happened on any team that I have ever been on. He has made me physically stronger and faster but also has helped me develop my mental toughness. Coach Ellis is one of those few people in the world who can decipher what a person’s strengths and weaknesses are and improve the strengths and eliminate the weaknesses.”


“As a Mom, I watched my son grow up playing sports. It was always fun to watch him play and great so see him so happy when he won. Recently when he played sports, it wasn’t fun anymore. He wasn’t the star anymore and it crushed me to see him so unhappy. One of his friends had been training at Primal with Coach Matt and we decided to check it out. My son has been training with Coach Matt since September and he has changed so much. He has more confidence. He has more energy. He is more outspoken at practices. His coach has also noticed these changes and mentioned it to my husband. My son hardly played on the junior varsity baseball team last year and we thought he would be JV again this year. He made the varsity team this year as a Junior! It is fun for my husband and I to go to his games and watch him play. His first game was last night and he did well. He was having fun again. Thanks Coach Matt!”


“I received a call from Matt Ellis a few weeks ago. He mentioned one of my javelin throwers had contacted him and wanted to do strength training at his facility. Matt invited me to Primal. We sat down and scheduled his training sessions around his track meets. I was shocked Matt took the time to do this. No other private strength coach had ever worked with me like Matt did.”

At PRIMAL, you will see results

Our methods get results.
Your training sessions are adjusted according to your sport and goals.
You will peak at the end of your season.
Just in time for the big games and meets.

At PRIMAL, you will not be thrown into a cookie cutter training program bought from a website.
Before you join PRIMAL, you go through an assessment process.
Your flexibility and mobility will be tested.
Your strength will be tested.
Your endurance will be tested.
Your training sessions will be designed to help where you need the most improvement.

Your strengths won’t be ignored either.
As we focus on improving your weaknesses,
your strengths will continue to improve.
This way, all aspects of your athletic ability will increase.

You must work hard to see great results

You will quickly learn that the training sessions are tough.
You will be pushed further than your typical training sessions in your high school weight room.
There is a good reason for this.
You need to work hard to become the best.
No successful athlete ever became the best by being lazy.

When you join PRIMAL, you become part of a family

You will represent us. You are part of team Primal.
You are proud to train with your PRIMAL family.
The results you get from our training happen because you will be training with other athletes.
Athletes just like you.
You are expected to work hard and you are expected to encourage your PRIMAL teammates.

Only serious, dedicated athletes LIKE YOU are accepted into our program.
You will feel right at home when you begin your training and your journey to becoming an elite athlete.

Space is limited to only 50 athletes.
If YOU want the edge over your competition,
e-mail us today to get started!